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How Hubcaps and Hubodometers Can Improve Your Trailer Performance

Your trailer’s wheels are essential for its performance and safety. However, your wheels are also vulnerable to various threats on the road, such as dust, water, gravel, and chemicals, that can wear out your bearings, seals, and brakes. That’s why you need to equip your trailers with hubcaps and hubodometers.

Hubcaps are devices that attach to the center of your wheel hubs. They have two main functions: to shield your wheel components from dirt and moisture and to improve the look of your wheels. Hubcaps vary in materials, forms, dimensions, and styles, depending on what you want and need.

One of the best hubcaps for trailers is Valcrum1. Valcrum is a unique hubcap that has a lubricant reservoir with an embedded pressure relief system. Valcrum hubcaps are composed of high-grade aluminum alloy that can endure high temperatures and pressures. Valcrum hubcaps are easy to install and maintain, and they can prolong the life of your wheel components by up to 50%.

Another kind of hubcap for trailers is Dexter. Dexter is a renowned manufacturer of trailer parts such as axles, brakes, hubs, drums, bearings, seals, springs, couplers, jacks, lights, hardware, and accessories. Dexter supplies a variety of hubcaps for different uses and specifications. Dexter hubcaps are crafted to deliver optimal protection and performance for your trailer wheels.

Hubodometers are tools that track the distance covered by your trailer wheels. They are fixed to the center of your wheel hubs and record the number of rotations of the wheel. They then translate the rotations into miles or kilometers and show them on a digital or mechanical screen.

Hubodometers are advantageous for trailer owners because they can aid you in organizing your maintenance, estimating your lease charges, and figuring out your cost per mile. Hubodometers can also help you adhere to state regulations that demand mileage reporting for trailers. Hubodometers are exact, reliable, and strong, and they can function in any weather condition.

You can also use other methods to track your miles if you don’t want to install a hubodometer on your trailer wheel, such as mobile apps, GPS devices, or odometers on your towing vehicle. However, these methods may not be as exact or reliable as hubodometers, especially if you use different towing vehicles or switch between different trailers.

As you can see, hubcaps and hubodometers are valuable accessories for your trailers. They can protect your wheel components from damage, extend their lifespan, and provide accurate mileage data. They can also help you save money on maintenance, leasing, and licensing costs. If you want to improve your trailer performance and efficiency, you should consider getting hubcaps and hubodometers for your trailers.

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