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What Air Conditioning Repair Services Can Do For You

A broken air conditioning system can leave you and your family in a hot, sticky, uncomfortable home. It can also aggravate any other problems in your house, such as a broken refrigerator or leaky plumbing. When you call a professional AC repair company, they can get your home back to normal in no time.

There are several parts of your air conditioning unit that need regular maintenance to keep it in good working order. A licensed HVAC technician can help you decide what parts will need to be repaired and when it would make sense to replace them with new ones.

The first thing an air conditioning repair service tech will do is inspect your system to determine whether there are any issues. He will look at the refrigerant levels, the air condenser fan and the safety controls. He will also check the wiring and electronics, the size of your air conditioner, and other things to help him figure out what is wrong.

Once he has all the information he needs, he can start the diagnosis process. Depending on the complexity of your air conditioning, this may take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes or more.

Next, the air conditioning service technician will clean the unit. This is done to improve its performance and reduce the risk of ice formation inside the unit. They will also wash the evaporator drain to remove any dirt or debris.

This will help your unit work more efficiently and save you money on cooling costs in the long run. They will also inspect your equipment to see if anything is rusty or broken.

Besides cleaning the evaporator drain, an air conditioning service technician will also flush out the coils to prevent ice from forming inside your AC. They will also make sure that your unit is charged with the proper amount of refrigerant, which helps it cool more effectively and efficiently.

Another service they will provide is to change your filters. This will ensure that your system is circulating the right amount of air through the air filter and removing any dirt or dust particles from it.

They will also make sure that your air conditioner’s refrigerant is in good condition and that it does not contain any excessive amounts of Freon. If this is the case, they will refill your unit with new Freon.

One other service they can do is to check the ductwork to see if it is clogged with dirt or debris. This can cause the air to not be properly cooled and can even discolor your ductwork.

It is recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced once a year. They will clean and flush the coils, drain the pan and drainage system, and vacuum the blower compartments to ensure your system is functioning properly.

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